What Is the Best Epoxy Flooring for a Restaurant?

Regarding epoxy floor coatings for restaurants, there are many considerations to take into account, mainly when it comes to use.

Restaurant floors will experience heavy amounts of foot traffic, along with wear from tables, chairs, food grease, alcohol, citrus, and other substances over time.

Areas of Restaurants That Can Benefit from Epoxy Floor Coating

Consider the different areas that could use epoxy flooring, including:

  • Bar areas – areas behind bars in particular can take abuse over time from cleaning, coffee, citrus, and alcohol.
  • Dining areas – these areas experience heavy foot traffic, as well as chair scrapes and grease stains tracked in from kitchen areas
  • Kitchen areas – as all of the food is made here, these areas often experience wear from grease, heat, heavy cleaning, and foot traffic.
  • Bathrooms – gravity is more of an issue in these areas.

Epoxy Floor Coating for Bars

While appearance may not be a principal issue for bars, alcohol, coffee, and citrus spills are. There are many types of flooring systems designed specifically for bar floors, withstanding abuse from regular cleaning and harsh liquids.

epoxy floor

If you want the best results, try applying a cove base molding to walls, bars, and cabinets. Then you can coat the cove base and floor to create a seamless pan that you can easily clean to remove spills and prevent bacteria buildup.

Dining Spaces

Dining floors will be similar to bar floors in their coating requirements. Because these areas are intended to be more appealing to the public eye, it’s more ideal to use decorative epoxy and Polyaspartic coatings.

Many companies will have epoxy flooring that can be stained, dyed, and then sealed. You can also apply cove molding where walls or partitions merge with the floor.

Commercial Kitchens and Bathrooms

The best epoxy flooring for a commercial kitchen combines a high build with nonslip materials. You should also consider a floor that’s scratch resistant, with sufficient protection against bacteria buildup.

Apply cove moldings for these floors like you would with bars or dining areas.

Epoxy Flooring for Other Facilities

Epoxy’s high quality and durability, along with design flexibility, make it one of the best floor coating materials for a wide range of industries. Apart from restaurant flooring, you can use epoxy to coat many other types of facility flooring, including floors in locker rooms, laundry rooms, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and more.

Whether you need commercial epoxy flooring for restaurants and hospitality applications or other types of facilities, you can get a complete custom solution that meets your flooring specifications, without the hassle that can come with other floor coating installations.


With top-quality epoxy floor coatings and professional installation, you can benefit from reliable epoxy flooring for many years to come. Flooring experts are available to discuss your project’s needs and help get you started on a custom floor coating project, with one of the best materials in the flooring industry.

Your restaurants will be able to remain in great condition with one or more coatings applied to your spaces.

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