How to Choose the Best Packaging for Cannabis Products

Despite the increasingly widespread legalization of marijuana, producers need to adhere to strict regulations and rules that constantly change, along with state-specific laws that can be a challenge to learn.

As a result, producers need to be careful about the packaging they choose for their products. The different materials including glass, acrylic, cardboard, plastic, and silicone must be appropriate for the product, keeping it fresh, meeting safety expectations, and remaining cost-effective.

Here are ways to select the right packaging for your cannabis products.

Types of Packaging for Cannabis Flower

Cannabis flower is often packaged in many different types of cannabis packaging, including reusable glass jars and plastic bags. Glass jars are ideal for many products because they are smell-proof and look nice.

This packaging is also good because it retains the shape of the nug contained while allowing customers to clearly see the product, and producers can easily feature their logo on jars.

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Another popular type of cannabis flower packaging is a borosilicate tube jar, which offers all of the same benefits as glass jars but at a lower cost, with many custom options. Smell-proof bags are also common, made of compound films that can also include built-in zippers to keep the product fresh.

Packaging for Concentrates

Concentrates are typically go-tos for more experienced cannabis users because of their intense effects. This makes getting this packaging right very important, as veterans will be more judgmental about the quality of the cannabis than beginners.

For these products, many producers tend to use borosilicate glass containers, which protects the glass from flames when liquefying its contents. Polystyrene containers are also often used because of their compact size in comparison to borosilicate glass, and are cost-effective.

Acrylic containers are also popular, capable of holding more concentrate than the borosilicate and polystyrene containers. For a medical-grade package that’s also clear, consider silicone containers.

Packaging for Edibles

Edibles require packaging that makes them look like they’re ready for consumption. Packaging for these products will depend on the specific type of edible contained and its potency.

Tube jars are commonly used because they offer a great presentation of the edibles contained and are sealable with shrink bands to ensure product integrity. Single-use and tamper-evident bags are also great because they are child-resistant while maintaining freshness.

Resealable bags are another smell-proof option that can be heat-sealed, and is compatible with high-THC edibles that most consumers will finish over several sessions.

These are simply some of the many types of cannabis packaging that producers will want to use for their products. Consulting with a marijuana packaging company can help producers further determine what would work best for their products.

With the right packaging, producers can balance presentation with function, keeping contained products fresh and presentable from storage to consumption.

Whether you want to maintain the quality of your manufacturing products or improve your branding efforts, the right cannabis packaging can help you meet all of your business goals.

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