Commercial Building Painting Ideas

When preparing to paint a commercial building or business, one finds themselves faced with a totally different situation than painting a home. One of the most important things is to choose a color that will reflect your building’s style while still fitting in with other buildings in the business area.

Before you start choosing your color scheme, we’ve put together a list of a few things you need to remember!

#1. Bigger Buildings, Bigger Considerations

Sure, you may like the color of your bright yellow house, but will that actually look good on a large commercial building? Absolutely not!

When painting a big building, it’s best to lean toward neutral colors that will fit in with the surroundings.

red building

While it’s great to stand-out in some ways, boldly painted big buildings generally just stand-out like a sore thumb! Neutral colors are also a plus since they will easily match your logos, signs, and advertising schemes along with trim and doors.

#2. Building Style and Materials

When it comes to painting a building, it’s important to take note of the style of the structure. If you’ve got a beautiful Victorian-style building, don’t waste its potential by using bland paints that will down-grade its appearance.

Also, building materials make a difference in the appearance of the finished paint job. For instance, paint that looks good on a concrete surface won’t look the same on wood.

#3. Painting Historical Buildings

Some commercial buildings have historical status and, as such, changes to the paint have to be dictated by the government. It doesn’t matter if you own or rent – a historic status means that the governing body has to agree on your paint choice and may have only a few options available.

Be sure to check with an official before you start the paint job on a historic building.

#4. Consider the Surroundings

When choosing a paint color, take a good over-view of the surroundings and use them in your considerations. For instance, darker colors will help a building look smaller if it’s positioned on a tiny lot.

Don’t pick a color that will clash with any landscaping, driveways, or walkways. You will also want a color that fits in with the other buildings in the area.

Remember that being located in an industrial park requires you to get permission from the landowners before you start making changes.

#5. Who Do You Want to Attract?

Before starting the paint job, take into consideration what kind of customers you want to attract. If your business is going to house a law-firm, make sure that the colors present a professional and high-quality aura.

However, if your building is home to a daycare, look into colors that are happier and more child-friendly.

man painting yellow

#6. Questions for Your Painter

Just as importantly as choosing the right paint color is choosing the right painter. When you are talking to commercial painters and gathering estimates, take the opportunity to ensure that they have the proper licenses and insurance.

While asking for references is good, go the extra step and actually check up with those previous customers.

Painting a commercial building is a decision that can make all the difference in your business’s appearance. Use the tips listed above to help you make the best choice in paint color, and guarantee that your paint job is a success!