How to Use Industrial Curtain Walls

Industrial curtain wall enclosures help create an efficient and cleaner work area. They are a flexible solution because, unlike fixed walls, the installation can be set up and removed quickly.

It can be redesigned or expanded as needed. Unlike conventional walls, the construction can be done in far less time and without extending your budget.

Sturdy & Popular

Curtain enclosures are growing in popularity across many industries and providing an array of functionality. They are designed on a simple foundation of reliable support that can be managed to secure and protect an specific environments.

Industrial curtain wall enclosures have a variety of benefits, including encouraging comfort and compliance, and promotes productivity you can’t get with traditional walls.

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Why You’d Need Industrial Enclosures

For a variety of reasons, a warehouse or large professional facility may need to implement designated work areas. Management may not want or need to go through a conventional process of redesigning the environment.

Regulatory bodies may require the company build an unique type of containment area. Whether to save money or time, or to meet industry compliance, industrial curtain walls fit the bill.

Industrial curtain walls and insulated curtain dividers are a floor-to-ceiling construct. It can be up and functional in no time, generating an economical closed off work area or room. The enclosures can be engineered to fit around the existing facility.

No Remodeling

There will be no need for rewiring, new light fixtures or even moving furniture or equipment. They can be sized to exacting specifications and can accommodate existing entryways and exits. These industrial enclosures are excellent for both big and small spaces.

Industrial curtain wall enclosures are a single large piece of vinyl designed to stretch across an entire level. In order to support it with existing ceilings, a grid may be created in approximately 50 foot increments. This ensures the curtain stays safely in place even if something were to fall against it.


benefitsHaving an industrial curtain wall enclosure has many advantages. They effectively seal chosen areas. These vinyl walls are the perfect solution for ensuring dust or other unwanted elements stay away or remain contained.

Use an enclosure to maintain temperatures, to block out light or to let it in. If your productions require an airtight area, this is a fast solution without needing a lot of tech. Vinyl curtain walls can enhance privacy and maximize insulation.

Greatly enhance an area with a ceiling cover. Many industries appreciate an industrial curtain wall for their unique properties. The food industry is required to cover any existing ceilings if non-food grade members use any area of the facility.

Other operations may need to create a spray booth with a ceiling lower than the facility’s existing ceiling. A construction site may want to contain flying sparks.

Affordable & Versatile

While affordable, the budget for an industrial wall enclosure can vary. This is usually due to the amount of hardware needed to support the enclosure. But the return will be worth the investment.

The installation will increase functionality, safety and, where applicable, compliance.

If you choose, save money by performing the operation yourself. The hardware comes with detailed instructions for making the installation easy.